5 useful things you could find on a local business directory app

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It’s amazing what you can find in a local business directory. From the businesses you need every day, to great ideas for time out with your friends and family. It’s all there.

You may be surprised to know that many people who use directories like Business Directory Wales are searching for businesses they already know and use. Others are looking for shops, garages, hairdressers, coffee shops, or beauty salons they’ve never used before.


What you could search for on local online directories:

  • Businesses you already know and use – you may need their email address, phone number, a map of their location for someone else, or a list of their latest products. Our nifty new mobile app directory for business lets you call or email them straight from it, without going to your mobile phone contacts.
  • New businesses you’ll use regularly – if you need to change your hairdresser, garage, optician, or dentist, you’ll be looking for services closest to you. Tap in your town or postcode, and the sector you want, and the businesses closest to you come up at the top of the search results. It’s so convenient!
  • Professional services you may use occasionally – if you’ve never needed an estate agent, solicitor, recruitment agency, or IT service, you’d search for those close by on a local directory. If you’ve used one before, but moved to a new area, the same thing applies. No more searching the web only to find businesses miles away from you at the top of the results list because they’ve hijacked the right keywords. No more scouring a map to find out where they are.
  • Places to meet family and friends – coffee shops, cinemas, restaurants, bars, and pubs. We often look for new places to go, new experiences to share with our nearest and dearest. You could share the location with your mates on social media to arrange a night out.
  • Great places to spend some time – cinemas, spas, leisure or sports centres, garden centres, and tourist attractions. Take a fresh look at what’s out there for some fun ‘me’ time.

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